Our Library

Library covers the entire range of subjects taught at the school and houses more than 6000 books and availability of e-learning tools like VCDs, DVD, audio and video cassettes. Well-qualified librarian helps the students to sort out the required study material.

The attractions of our library:
  • Magazines & Journals
  • 10 Newspapers in English, Hindi & Punjabi
  • Subject Dictionaries
  • Books on reasoning & child psychology
  • Funk and Wagnall Encyclopedias
  • Student Encyclopedia
  • Britannica Series
  • Science Encyclopedia
  • Religious books
  • Accounts and Business Studies
  • General Knowledge books -Tell me why, Where, How and When
  • Books on reasoning & child psychology
  • Family Encyclopedia
  • Books on religion
  • Thesaurus
  • Resonance book material for NEET, JEE and NTSE books

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